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In 2019, the procedure for divorce remains the same. It is possible to dissolve a marriage in the administrative (through the registrar) or a court order. It also remains possible to file for divorce through state services (in the case of a divorce in an administrative procedure). To register for divorce, you must follow all the methods provided by law. In this article, we will look closer to these aspects and terms of Divorce in Indiana.

In Indiana, you can quickly get a divorce if the spouses have reached agreement on the division of property, custody of children, their content and visits. If you live in Indiana, you can go through a phased procedure of divorce by mutual consent with the provision of all the necessary forms and detailed instructions for filling them out. If you want to save your time, there is an opportunity for you to submit an online divorce in Indiana

If you claim “irreparably destroyed marriage” (divorce by mutual consent) as the reason for the divorce, you and your spouse must prove that you lived in Indiana for at least one year and that the reasons for the divorce appeared in Indiana State. For example, if you report a violation of marital fidelity, you must prove that it happened within the state.

Think over the reasons for the divorce. If the spouses want to get a divorce as soon as possible and both parties agree with all the conditions, the most common reason under section 170 (7) of the Family Code is: “Relations between the spouses were irreparably destroyed more than six months ago.”

Other causes include violation of marital fidelity, imprisonment, separation of spouses by the court for more than one year, cruelty and malicious abandonment of the spouse.

Make sure you have all the tools you need to complete your application. You must have a computer with Microsoft Word, or a free version of Microsoft Word Viewer installed to file a divorce application in Indiana online.

Collect the necessary information. The application for a divorce includes a list of information that must be provided. Most of the data will not cause difficulties, for example, the names and surnames, the contact information of the parties, the date and place of the marriage, as well as the details of the settlement agreement.

A settlement agreement may be a statement stating that “personal property and debt have been divided.” If you have any transport or rental agreement, mention it separately. For example, “The collector will receive ownership of the Toyota Camry, (vehicle identification number)” or “The respondent will receive ownership of the loft situated at the location (address). The litigant will simultaneously receive a whole of cash in the sum (the measure of the entirety) by (date). After installment, the respondent will present the important archives on the move of proprietorship for the petitioner.”

If you and your spouse do not agree on the reasons for the divorce, for example, violation of marital fidelity or imprisonment, it is strongly recommended to use the option of divorce by mutual consent. Separation takes a lot of nerves, so it’s best to do without accusations against the spouse in a public document. The only exception is deliberate abandonment of the spouse, in which you do not know where your husband or wife is. A statement about leaving a spouse will help you formally get permission to divorce in Indiana online.

The explanations behind separation in Indiana must be indicated. For instance, remorselessness must achieve the dimension of abusive behavior at home to meet the necessities. Maltreatment cases that happened over five years prior are not viewed as a purpose behind the separation. You should give subtleties by determining the date and place. On the off chance that you need to express the clear explanations behind the departure, counsel with a family law lawyer to make a detailed request for divorce as required by the court.

Be prepared to pay the registration fee. In case of a divorce by agreement, you must pay about $ 350 in addition to paying for the services of the court courier. These costs must be paid when applying.

Utilize an administration program to petition for legal separation. In Indiana State, an intelligent online program was created in a joint effort with law offices to present a bundle of archives arranged by the court to get separation by mutual consent. One of the parties, after which the other party must sign them, can make materials but this can also be done together.

Some or all registration costs may be waived. You must submit a notarized the document of inability pay the expenses of office work. The judge will consider the application and may require a certificate of income and expenditure. If the application is accepted, the judge will issue a decree, and consideration of the divorce will continue without paying the registration fee.

The court hearing and issues resolved by the court in its course

The court session is held on the day appointed by the judge. The parties are notified in advance of this date and the time of the hearing. The court may resolve the following issues:

With whom the children will live?

On the recovery of alimony for the child.

About collecting the alimony on the former spouse (spouse).

On the division of jointly acquired property.

The court’s decision

The decision of the court on divorce entails legal consequences only after it enters into legal force. To do this, it is necessary that a month passes after its adoption, which is reserved for the possibility of its appeal.

A court decision may be appealed to a higher authority. This can be done not only by the claimant or the defendant but also by any third party involved in the case. Also, when appealing, it is permissible to attract not just the fact of the dissolution of the marriage itself but also how the court divided jointly acquired property or determined the place of residence of the children.

Certificate of divorce and the possibility of changing the name

The registry office issues the certificate of divorce. To get it, you must submit an extract from the court decision on separation. The statement (it indicates everything that the registry office should take into account when performing actions to issue a certificate) must be issued within three days from the date of entry into force of the decision. If it is difficult or impossible to obtain it, a copy of the court decision is also suitable for presentation. The certificate is issued to each party, to get it you need to pay the state duty from each spouse. With its subsequent loss, it can be restored by re-paying the state duty.

After the divorce, the spouses have the right to change the name. This should be done at the time of registration of the separation in the registry office, that is when applying for a divorce certificate. Remember that when changing the name you will also have to change your passport!

Special cases

Upon the dissolution of a marriage, situations that require separate consideration are possible.

Divorce without the presence of a spouse

Separation without the presence of one of the parties is possible in the following cases:

if the spouse is physically unable to be present at the court or registry office;

if the spouse does not agree to part and expresses this by his absence;

if the spouse is recognized by the court as incapable, missing, or sentenced to a term of 3 years or more and is in places of deprivation of liberty.

If one of the spouses cannot attend the divorce procedure, he may authorize the proxy to represent his interests.

The court may also conduct an absentee review procedure. In this case, the defendant is informed of the divorce proceedings, while he must tell about the impossibility to attend the meeting and ask to postpone the hearing or consider the case without him, but if he did not use this right, the court would decide in absentia.

If the defendant does not attend the meeting three times for reasons that cannot be considered valid, the court at the last hearing decides on the divorce.

If one of the parties does not wish to divorce, then the initiator of the divorce must provide good reasons why further family life is impossible. The main argument should sound the impossibility of restoring close relationships. The judge will get acquainted with the above cases and render his verdict.

Divorce through the courts without the consent of one of the spouses is quite common in our time (Divorceinfo.com) In the absence of substantial reasons for the dissolution of the marriage, the judge shall have the right to suspend the trial for up to three months. This time is offered for the reconciliation of the parties. In case of restoration of family relations, the fact is closed.

According to the general norms of family law in Indiana, things got in marriage to the burden of the mates consider as common things (together gained) and are subjects to the division.

For this circumstance, all of the existence accomplices in the division should get half of the total space. Since at first the offers of the couple in it consider as comparable. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions in which the court may stray from the “perfect” rates and decide the extent of one life partner in a bigger or littler size.

The law of Indiana sets up two different ways of separating property, contingent upon the legitimate routine picked by the life partners:


  1. The genuine legislature of the estate of mates

It depends on the general guideline that all acquisitions all through conjugal relations are the joint property of the life partners, for which every one of them has measured up to rights.

Nigerian’s law contains a rundown of what is identified with the idea of a life partner’s close to the home property and is excluded in the total mass:

The property possessed by the mate before the marriage;

All that he got on unwarranted exchanges as of now amid the wedding;

Individual family unit things (garments, razor, toothbrush, and so on.), paying little heed to the season of procurement.

This standard applies without a marriage contract. On the off chance that the assertion was gone into not following the enrollment of the marriage or before its record, yet after some time, at that point a portion of the things gained before the finish of the marriage contract can be partitioned similarly just if the marriage contract does not choose the destiny of the current marriage.


  1. Legally binding routine

It suggests marking a wedding get that cautiously manages issues of property routine – what is dispersed to whom and after the obtaining, in which cases the extent of offers can be changed, and in which cases the life partner can be entirely denied of all property (for instance, deceiving).

All natural property, which is excluded in the marriage contract, is liable to the division as indicated by the tenets built up by the lawful routine.

How to begin?

If you choose to separation and gap the property in the meantime, at that point, you have to begin with a productive exchange with the second companion. Maybe you will almost certainly go to a commonly masterminded alternative, and afterward, you can finish up a demonstration of property segment. This enables you to spare a great deal of cash and nerves because the legal procedure is an expensive business, fiscally, as well as ethically.

If the discourse with the opposite side slowed down and did not achieve agreement, the debate can be settled just in court. For this situation, the invested individual documents a case on the division of the together gained property. And it takes a considerable amount of time.



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