Indiana divorce-If Your Husband Hits You

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Such families, in which the spouse regularly raises his hand to his wife, are far from uncommon in the modern world. I know many of this. But what to do in such a situation is known to the few.

That is why in this article we suggest to sort out in detail what a woman should do if her husband beats her in Indiana.

The role of the victim

First of all, you need to understand the simple truth that many victims of domestic violence reject: your spouse beats you because you allow him to do so. Becoming a victim is also a choice, and you made it.

The main problem here is that when a spouse raises his hand to you, you do not show him your position, you do not explain that this is unacceptable and terrible. The first thing you need to do is tell the tyrant that you dislike his behavior and that it is immoral. Find the strength in yourself and stop justifying your spouse. Otherwise, the situation will be repeated repeatedly.

Change something, not endure the situation

The second point comes from the first. Do not think that you can endure quarrels and beatings, that once the spouse-tyrant will change and everything will be fine again. Yes, you can fix the situation when the husband beats you. But for this, you need to do something. First, it is worth adjusting your behavior towards your spouse. Talk to him, explain your position, attract relatives.

Do something, not be silent. Violence cannot be tolerated. If conversations in the kitchen do not help – ask a professional psychologist for help. He must explain to the man that his primary role is to protect the woman and help her. If the spouse instead shows regular cruelty to his wife, this may be a symptom of psychopathology, which means he needs the help of a specialist.

Leaving the tyrant

This is the most common advice of all the relatives and friends of the victims. And very often it is the correct choice. After all, the easiest way is to escape from the tyrant before it is too late. If you feel that apart from fear, you feel nothing for your husband, forget about the role of the victim and start living in a new way without him. Do not be afraid to leave and do not fear that your life may be in danger. And after leaving the despot husband, try to carefully and thoroughly analyze your criteria for the choice of men, so that the situation does not happen again, as often happens.

Temporary relocation

If you are not ready to completely part with this person yet, or you are just sorry to leave the current apartment, try leaving your spouse for some time. Move for a while to friends or relatives. If this is not possible, contact centers that help victims of domestic violence. They are in almost every city. After you do this, try to calm down, analyze your relationship, understand what affects the quarrels and beatings that your faithful bestow on you so generously. Try to get as emotional as possible from this situation and try to look at it from the other side. Maybe you are also initiators of conflicts and somehow provoke your partner?

Give yourself an honest answer.

And finally, I would like to remind you once again that no one in any situation has the right to raise a hand against you. So learn to love, appreciate and respect yourself. And life will change for the better!

But if the beating was ferocious, with fractures of the arms, legs, concussion of the brain, and the doctor was called, then, as a rule, the legal mechanism immediately starts.

The ambulance doctor records the beating in the journal at the ambulance station. A woman, as a rule, after such brutal beatings enters the hospital (if she does not refuse hospitalization), and the local police officer is obliged to come to her because the ambulance doctor is required to report her departure.

Beatings should be recorded in the emergency room or an ambulance doctor. If at the beginning they called the police, it is necessary to insist that the police call an ambulance. However, if for various reasons it was not possible to do this, then on the same day go to the emergency room and record the beatings. All abrasions must be described, and I still recommend taking pictures.

There were episodes in Indiana when a woman brought to the police and showed what she was beaten with, for example, a stool. In this case, the forensic expert fixes the washes and confirms that this is indeed the blood of this woman. At first, this dog was killed by this stool. And then when the woman did not understand such terrible instructions of her husband, he said: “Take it away. Otherwise, I killed the dog and will do the same with you.” And this stool was broken on her head.

As a rule, such actions do not take place without neighbors. They hear shout and noise. Involve your neighbors at your side as witnesses. And it may be unclear what is happening there, fun or a real fight. And another thing is when the family seems to be decent, everything is fine and suddenly some unexpected situations arise.

I do not recommend it, but sometimes my children speak as witnesses. Children over ten years old have the right to act as witnesses and defend their interests in court. Therefore, if a child more than ten decades old witnessed this tragedy, he can appear in court (with the permission of a psychologist), and if the mother feels that the child can.

Sometimes, especially the boys, seeing this situation, try to intercede for the mother by all means available to them. Such boys prove in court how it all happens, the judge will believe their words, and the husband will be punished.

As it was said before, the only way here is divorce. And the court will be on your side, and you can be sure that you get almost all property. Here is a guide on how to do it correctly in Indiana.

What documents are required for a separation?

As a matter of first importance, an appropriately drafted case for separation. The further course of the case and the consequence of its thought rely upon how legitimately skillfully, convincingly and dependably a demand is made.

The announcement of the case comprises of three principal parts. The first is a formal one, containing the name of the court, the last name, first name, and patronymic of the mates, the dates of their introduction to the world, the addresses of their home, and information about the kids. The second part is distinct: when the marriage was finished up, how are the family undertakings at present, for what reasons should the union be broken down, the proof and contentions of the spouse’s position. It is essential to demonstrate that the spouse does not agree to the separation.

Subsequently, the spouse is compelled to go to court. You ought to likewise show how the issue with the kids and property of the companions will be settled. The third part – an intrigue, contains a demand for separation by the standards of the law. The case closes with a mark and a sign of the date of readiness.

An integral part of the statement of claim is the annex to it:

copy of the report of claim with documents – for the wife;

Marriage certificate;

photograph of the passport (or another material);

copies of birth certificates of children;

other documents confirming the circumstances of the case (for example, income certificates, characteristics);

receipt of payment of duty.

Divorce proceedings without the consent of the spouse

The statement of claim with applications is submitted to the court, and a copy of it is sent to the wife. If the documents are drawn up correctly, the court accepts them in clerical work and considers them within one month from the date of submission. The date and time of the first court session spouses notified summons.

At the court hearing, the materials of the case are considered, the arguments of the spouses are heard. As a rule, the categorical disagreement of the wife with divorce is the basis for the appointment of a reconciliatory term – from 1 to 3 months, at the discretion of the court. If, after the completion of this period, the court finds that the preservation of the family is impossible, a decision is made about the divorce.

And after this, you can apply for all the property you have proving that your husband is a monster and beats you. And if you have the children, you will get them for sure. As well as all the other property. And remember that you have to be sure about your decision and do everything fast until it is too late.


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